A short history of Støttekomiteen For Tibet

The Tibet Support Committee (SKT) is a Danish organisation committed to improving conditions for the Tibetan people by supporting their nonviolent struggle for freedom, human rights, democracy and self-determination. The association was first established on the 6th of March 1989 and has ever since conducted a variety of activities and events.
SKT's existence is based on a conviction that political support is the best kind of help we can give a people whose problems stem from a political cause, namely China's annexation of Tibet and those violations of Tibetans' rights that the occupation has resulted in.
Our lobbying and the information we disseminate have meant that most Danes now have an idea of what's happening in Tibet. Violations of Tibetans’ rights have been a recurring topic in the media as well as in the political debate. There has been a focus on Tibet.  We have made a difference.
The global attention to Tibet's problems have kept hope alive for many Tibetans. In several cases, the pressure on China resulted in releases of political prisoners, judicial reform, efforts against environmental degradation, initiating development projects etc.
But there is a long way to go. The interests of the global community in the Chinese market and the attempt to integrate China into the international security system has weakened the adherence to outspoken principles and thus effectively reduced pressure on the Chinese government. The Danish and international support for the Tibetan cause are half-hearted and therefore less effective. This makes popular pressure on the Danish government very important - through this we can all help to make a difference.