Our activities

What does the Tibet Support Committee do?


One of the committee's main functions is the dissemination of information about conditions in Tibet to politicians, authorities, media, other organizations and especially the public.


Through our contact with government and politicians, we are helping to give them the ideas and information they need to maintain a focus on China's abuses in Tibet. 

News agency

We make sure that the Danish press is constantly informed of new developments in Tibet, including disseminating news releases and reports from the worldwide network of Tibet and human rights organizations and from the Tibetan government in exile.


We hold and participate regularly in events such as discussion evenings, lectures, seminars and other cultural or political events that aim to inform Danes on the situation in Tibet. We do this often in collaboration with other Tibetan organizations in Denmark.

Assistance /Cooperation with other Tibet organisations

For several years, Støttekomiteen Tibet has supported a Danida-funded aid project in the Tibetan exile community, in cooperation with the exile government. This is a project which developed a system to help the many torture survivors fleeing Tibet.


We often cooperate with or participate in networking activities for Danish private organizations. Additionally, we contribute to coordinate activities and exchange of information within the global network of Tibet groups via the Internet exchanges.

Member magazine

The støttekomiteen for Tibet association publishes a member magazine Sneløven that contains news and background articles on Tibet, reaching around 700 people and is also to be found in some libraries. Sneløven is the only Danish magazine on Tibet.

Book publishing and sales

In recent years we have published or participated in the publication of several books focusing on Tibet. Our shop in Ryesgade in Copenhagen has the largest selection of books on Tibet and is the only place in Denmark, where reports on the situation in the occupied land are available.

Resource Base

The association works on a daily basis as a resource base where pupils, students, journalists, travelers and others can get help and inspiration on the study of conditions in Tibet.


Under "Activities" you can read more about what work the association has done in recent years.

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  • Åbent brev til regeringen om Hong Kong

    Åbent brev til den danske regering

    Kære udenrigsminister Jeppe Kofod

    Den nye sikkerhedsbeslutning, som blev fremlagt i Kinas Folkekongres den 22. maj (1) og vedtaget i dag, er den alvorligste trussel mod Hong Kongs selvstyre, demokrati og menneskerettigheder, som vi hidtil har været vidne til. Enhver med kendskab til Tibet og Østturkestan ved, hvordan det kinesiske styre udnytter love om "national sikkerhed" som et påskud for målrettede indgreb mod kritik af regeringen, initiativer for at styrke etniske identiteter eller sågar ønsker om at måtte benytte sit eget sprog i undervisningen, j.fr. Tashi Wangchuk-sagen (2).

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  • Generalforsamlingen er udskudt

    P.g.a coronakrisen har bestyrelsen besluttet at udskyde foreningens generalforsamling på ubestemt tid. Den skulle have været afholdt den 31. marts. Vi vil indkalde påny.

  • Tibetans, Uighurs, Hong Kong'ers, Taiwanese and Chinese demonstrate at China's Embassy

    Tibetans, Uighurs, Hong Kong'ers, Taiwanese and Chinese demonstrate at China's Embassy


    For the first time in Denmark the Chinese Embassy faces collective resistance from some of the peoples that are most directly suppressed or threatened by China. On Tuesday 10 March at 4.30 pm we protest against China's ruthless behaviour but also to show that we could all live in harmony with China if only the Chinese leaders would let everyone live as they chose.

    Ms Zumretay Arkin from World Uyghur Congress in Munich visits Denmark to tell about re-education camps and total surveillance. There will be speeches by the Hong Kong activist Mr Andrew Chan, chairman of Taiwan Corner, Mr Michael Danielsen and exile Chinese Ms Marion Chen from Our Future House. We will also read the statement by Tibet's exile President, Mr Lobsang Sangay. Danish politics are represented by Mr Christian Jul (Red-Green Alliance), Mr Thomas Rohden from Danish China-Critical Society and Mr Anders Storgaard, Conservative Youth.

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