§ 1
The association's name is Støttekomiteen for Tibet, Denmark
(In English: The Tibet Support Committee, Denmark). The association's headquarters is in Copenhagen.
§ 2
The society aims are to perform the following using peaceful means:
a) provide information about conditions in Tibet
b) to support the Tibetans' demands for respect of their human rights
c) to support the Tibetan people's demands for a free and independent Tibet
d) to support the Tibetans' struggle against the cultural, economic and ecological destruction
e) supporting the Tibetan refugees
The association is independent of political parties and religious sects.
§ 3
Membership is open to any person, organization and institution, joining the Association's purposes.
Each member has the right to one vote at the annual general meeting per person listed on the member list. Two names listed under the same membership entitles to one vote.
The Board must cast at least four votes to expel a member deemed to be working against the association's purposes.
§ 4
The funds for the association's work are raised through membership fees, fund raising and gifts. The annual membership fee is set at the AGM. If the fee is not paid within 6 months after the due date, membership will be revoked.
§ 5
The association's highest authority is the General Assembly. The Annual General Meeting is held each year in March. Extraordinary General Meeting is to be held no later than 21 days after at least 25 voting members in a registered letter to the Board has so requested, stating the agenda. The Board may incidentally call an Extraordinary General Meeting as often as deemed necessary. Notice of upcoming meetings shall be with at least 14 days notice and stating the agenda. At the Annual General Meeting the following should be decided upon and reported out:
a) Election of the Chairman
b) Annual report
c) Accounting 
d) Determination of membership fee
e) Proposals
f) Election of board members and two support board members
g) Appointment of Auditor
h) Any other business
Only members who have paid the annual membership fee are entitled to vote at the AGM. All rules are adopted by a simple majority vote of the voting members. All polls are conducted orally, unless at least 1/4 of the voting members or the board requests a ballot. A member can attend with a written power of attorney from another member in addition to his own vote. In order for proposals for discussion point e) to come on the agenda, these should be submitted to the Board at least 6 days prior to the AGM. Proposals for amendment to the constitution or dissolution of the association may be adopted at an ordinary or extraordinary general meeting with at least 2/3 of the voting members present. A proposal for the dissolution of the association shall be submitted to the Board at least one month before an ordinary or extraordinary general meeting.
§ 6
The association's board shall consist of 5-7 members: The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Communications Director and Editor and up to two other members, elected at the General Assembly for every year. There may also be 2 supporting members on the board. The Board has overall responsibility for all activities of the organization and designs guidelines for them, including the individual board members' responsibilities, operation of the office and shop, the association's external profile and overall strategies for it’s activities.
The association's working groups and local groups select members themselves and organize their own work. These groups' activities are accountable to the Board and otherwise are to be conducted in accordance with the constitution. Overall decisions are to be taken in accordance with the Board.
The Board, working groups and local groups conduct their tasks under their organised team structure unless according to the statute they require the decision of the General Assembly.
§ 7
The association's financial year is the calendar year. The accounts are kept by the association's treasurer. The accounts must be presented to the board for approval by the treasurer before being sent to the auditor. The accounts are to be audited by a registered auditor. If the association does not have means to satisfy a certified accountant, 2 volunteer accountants can be selected instead. The audited accounts shall be presented for approval at the AGM. Prior to this the auditor should have signed them and added any required annotations. Key information of the accounts approved at the general meeting shall be published for the members.
§ 8
The associations financial documentation should be formally signed by the Chairman or the Vice-chairman, each in combination with another board member.
§ 9
The association should be formally represented by the chairman or treasurer, each in combination with another board member.
§ 10
At the dissolution of the Association, the assets and activities should be handed over to an association with a humanitarian purpose domiciled in Denmark.
As adopted at the AGM on 17 March 1999

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    I forbindelse med, at Tibetkommissionen nu har afgivet beretning, vil Støttekomiteen for Tibet gerne bidrage til, at dens værdifulde arbejde kommer til at skabe varig forandring. Denne henvendelse, der også er sendt til Folketingets Retsudvalg, drejer sig dog ikke om kommissionens konklusioner, men om det, som den ikke har udtalt sig om.

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