Årsrapport om situationen i Tibet

Den 27. februar offentliggjorde USA's udenrigsministerium sin årsrapport om menneskerettigheder, hvor den detaljerede gennemgang af Tibet slog fast, at "undertrykkelsen var alvorlig gennem hele året". Rapporten konkluderer blandt andet:

  • Myndighederne fortsætter med vilkårligt at tilbageholde tibetanere på ubestemt tid.
  • Information om og adgang til tibetanske områder "kontrolleres strengt".
  • Krænkelserne i Tibet omfatter vilkårlige henrettelser, tortur, vilkårlige tilbageholdelser og arrestationer samt husarrest.
  • På trods af at de tibetanske områder er "autonome" af navn, "har tibetanerne generelt ikke ret til at spille nogen betydende rolle i beskyttelsen af deres kulturarv og unikke naturlige miljø".
  • "Økonomisk og social eksklusion" øger utilfredsheden blandt tibetanerne markant.

Kilde: http://www.savetibet.org/state-department-report-on-human-rights-2013/

Spanien udsender arrestordre mod Kinas tidligere præsident

Den spanske højesteretsdommer Ismael Moreno udsendte ifølge Reuters mandag den 10. februar 2014 en arrestordre mod Kinas tidligere præsident Jiang Zemin, den tidligere premierminister Li Peng og andre tidligere højtstående kinesiske ledere for deres medvirken til folkemord i Tibet. Spaniens lovgivning tillader retsforfølgelse af personer i udlandet, der har krænket spanske statsborgeres menneskerettigheder.

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FN opfordrer Kina til at lytte til tibetanerne

Få dage før Kinas Kommunistparti i november 2012 samledes for at vælge sine nye ledere, udsendte FN's Højkommissær for Menneskerettigheder, Navi Pillay, nedenstående pressemeddelelse, hvor hun i usædvanligt klare vendinger opfordrede Kina til at lytte til tibetanernes klager. Hendes talsmand sagde efterfølgende til Reuters, at "tiden er kommet til at tale offentligt" om klagerne over vold mod de tibetanere, der blot forsøger at udøve deres basale rettigheder.

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Danske medier betales for at sende kinesisk propaganda

I januar afslørede Information, at Danmarks to populæreste kommercielle radiokanaler, The Voice og NOVA FM, bliver betalt for at sende programmer om Kina. Disse programmer produceres af finske Gbtimes, som er under kontrol af den statsejede kinesiske radiokanal China Radio International, der beskrives som Kinas 'propagandakanal til et udenlandsk publikum'.

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International kritik af Kinas politik i Tibet

Den kinesiske fremfærd i Tibet er under kritik fra både amerikansk og europæisk side. Maria Otero skrev i december 2012 på vegne af Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy and Human Rights og United States Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues følgende:

"De forenede stater er dybt bekymrede og triste over den fortsatte vold i de tibetanske områder af Kina samt den stigende hyppighed af tibetanske selvafbrændinger.

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Kina giver "Dalai-kliken" skylden og iværksætter aggressive tiltag mod selvafbrændingerne

De kinesiske myndigheder har i de seneste måneder indledt en aggressiv kampagne for at komme tibetanske selvafbrændinger til livs. Kampagnen omfatter anholdelser og skrappe domme over folk, som myndighederne anklager for at opildne til selvafbrændinger samt yderligere medierestriktioner og propaganda i de tibetanske områder.

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Interview: Robert Barnett on Why Tibetans Are Setting Themselves on Fire

February 24th, 2012 by Alex Ortolani

Earlier this week a Tibetan monk became at least the 22nd person in the past year to commit self-immolation in protest at the Chinese government’s rule in Tibet. Robert Barnett, Director of the Modern Tibet Studies Program at Columbia University, says this is a new type of political protest for Tibetans, one that looks like it may become an ongoing form of dissent if the Chinese government does not change some of its policies in the region.

Asia Blog spoke to Barnett by telephone.

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The Tibetan and Chinese Prime Ministers Address the Self-Immolations

By the Editorial Board of The Tibetan Political Review Feb 21, 2012 6:23 PM
In a strange coincidence, February 14 saw articles on both Lobsang Sangay, the Tibetan prime minister in exile, and Wen Jiabao, the Chinese prime minister, making statements on the self-immolation crisis in Tibet. We take a close look at how the words chosen by both prime ministers reveal insights into their approaches on the issue.

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Chinese official warns Tibetans against separatism

BBC news, 24 February 2012
A Chinese Communist Party official has warned Tibetans in an area at the centre of recent anti-China protests to oppose separatism and obey the law.
Sichuan Communist Party chief Liu Qibao visited a monastery and villages in Aba and Ganzi counties of the province.
He was quoted by the state-run Sichuan Daily newspaper as telling monks to support the Communist Party.

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Tibet Cut Off From The Rest Of The World

Reporters Without Borders 23 February 2012

Reporters Without Borders is alarmed at the blackout imposed by Chinese authorities on the provinces of Sichuan and Qinghai, as well as the autonomous region of Tibet, preventing all media coverage of protest movements there.
To this we must add disinformation activities such as the recent hacking of the French-language weekly Courrier International by Chinese propagandists.

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A Sense Of Constant Surveillance

by Louisa Lim February 22, 2012

Wednesday marks the traditional Tibetan New Year, but many Tibetans won't be celebrating. They'll be mourning the almost two-dozen people who set themselves on fire in the past year as a protest against Chinese rule. Eyewitnesses say the town of Aba, site of many of the self-immolations, resembles a Chinese military camp, with soldiers and riot police every few feet. NPR's Louisa Lim traveled elsewhere on the Tibetan plateau to cover the story and sent this dispatch.

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Tibetans cancel New Year celebrations

By Moni Basu, CNN, 22 February 2012
Wednesday marks Losar, or the Tibetan New Year, but there will be no music, chanting, spectacular costumes or pageantry this year. Instead, Tibetans across the world plan to observe Losar with the solemnity their government-in-exile in Dharamsala, India, has proclaimed it deserves.
Lobsang Sangay, the Tibetan prime minister-in-exile, issued a statement asking Tibetans to refrain from celebration.

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Is China pushing Nepal to crack down on Tibetans?

From Sara Sidner, CNN, February 22, 2012
On the Nepal-China border (CNN) -- The smell of incense burning and the sound of deep-throated chants greet you at the gate of one of Kathmandu's massive stupas, a Buddhist holy place where Tibetans gather to pray. For decades, Nepal has been a safe haven for Tibetans who escape China. But Tibetan activists say their people's peaceful existence here is being disturbed because of China's growing influence in Nepal.

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André Alexander deceased

Saturday 25 February 2012

André Alexander, who has died aged 47, was the leading figure in the effort to preserve the old city of Lhasa in Tibet.
He was born André Teichman on January 17 1965 in Berlin, where his background did little to suggest a future as a scholar. His father was a chimney sweep, while his mother had until her marriage been a hairdresser; although André studied History and then Architecture at university in the city, he did not complete his studies. Instead he was more interested in comic books, and even hoped to become a comic book artist himself. A favourite character was the sailor Corto Maltese, and throughout his life André dressed like a cross between a naval captain and a flower-shirted hippy.

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Tibet's cry for help: Sign the petition (Avaaz)

Sign the petition at https://secure.avaaz.org/en/save_tibetan_lives/ To Presidents Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy, Prime Ministers David Cameron, Julia Gillard and Manmohan Singh, and EU Commissioner Catherine Ashton:
A rising number of Tibetans are taking their lives through self immolation in a desperate cry to the world to stop the escalating Chinese crackdown. As shocked citizens, we call on you to urgently send an independent high-level mission to the area and to speak out against the ongoing repression. Only coordinated and swift diplomatic action can stop this crisis.
682,183 have signed [by 25 Feb., ed.]. Help us get to 1,000,000

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UN Experts' Intervention on suicides in Tibet

Distr.: General: 16 February 2010


In the present report, the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief gives an account of communications transmitted by her between 1 December 2008 and 30 November 2009. The report also contains summaries of the replies received from Governments by 8 February 2010 and observations of the Special Rapporteur where considered appropriate.

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Bliv aktiv - gør en forskel

Har du lyst til selv at gøre noget for tibetanernes sag? Støttekomiteen for Tibet har altid brug for nye aktive

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Bank: reg.nr. 1551, kontonr. 2719134

MobilePay: 85230 (kan ikke anvendes i butikken)

  • Borgerforslag om verbalnoten til Kina
    Annuller regeringens verbalnote om Tibet!
    Underskriv borgerforslaget her: 
    Den 9. december 2009 anerkendte den danske regering for første gang Tibet som en del af Kina. Det skete gennem en såkaldt verbalnote, der også "modsatte sig” Tibets uafhængighed.
    Tibet har en historie, der går længere tilbage end Danmarks. Kina besatte Tibet ulovligt i 1950 og holder i dag landet i et jerngreb.
    Verbalnoten er i strid med folkeretten og med Danmarks forpligtelser og interesser. Den krænker desuden tibetanernes selvbestemmelsesret og modvirker en forhandlingsløsning. Læs uddybningen i selve forslaget.
    Støttekomiteen for Tibet forsøger nu at få Folketinget til at annullere verbalnoten. Det gør vi gennem dette borgerforslag. Vi håber, at du vil underskrive det og bede dine venner gøre det samme!
    Læs mere om verbalnoten her: http://www.tibetkomite.dk/verbalnoten-om-tibet
  • Kinas A4-demonstrationer fortsætter i Danmark

    En række danske organisationer støtter i morgen lørdag det kinesiske folks modige protester imod deres regering med en demonstration foran Kinas ambassade i Hellerup (kl. 13-14) og senere på Amagertorv (15-16).


    Demonstrationen finder sted på FN’s menneskerettighedsdag den 10. december og gælder desuden et værdigt liv med ytringsfrihed og menneskerettigheder i Vietnam, Tibet, Østturkestan og Hong Kong.

    Vi opfordrer folk til at møde op med A4-ark – enten blanke eller med budskaber.

    Desuden medbringer vi bannere, stearinlys, flag og plakater.


    Støttekomiteen for Vietnam
    Students for a Free Tibet- Denmark
    Dansk Selskab for Tibetansk Kultur
    Støttekomiteen for Tibet
    Viet Tan Danmark
    Medlemmer af Federation for a Democratic China

  • Åbent brev om en diplomatisk boykot af OL

    Kære udenrigsminister Jeppe Kofod

    Åbent brev om en diplomatisk boykot af OL i Beijing

    Jeg skriver til dig på vegne af Støttekomiteen for Tibet for at opfordre dig til at iværksætte en diplomatisk boykot af OL i Beijing i februar 2022 i stil med USA, UK, Canada, Australien, New Zealand og Litauen og til at arbejde for, at så mange EU-lande som muligt gør det samme.

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